Wayne Gretzky is a Gambling Degenerate?

What Michael Jordan is to basketball, Bave Ruth is to baseball, Wayne Gretzky is to ice hockey.

For those of you not familiar with the sport, Wayne Gretzky is a national icon in Canada.

I can’t understand why he or his Playboy-posing wife :bravo: would gamble when they are owners of a hockey team. :unamused:

Any comments? Will this ruin the Great One’s image?

[quote=“Associated Press”]Trenton, N.J.

She gambled on football. So what?
Its her money and none of anyone else’s business.

my NT$2.00…wanna go 2x or nuttin’ on a conviction?

She gambled on football. So what?
Its her money and none of anyone else’s business.

my NT$2.00…wanna go 2x or nuttin’ on a conviction?[/quote]

You’re on :smiley:

my little town sits between a riverboat gambling casino and a horse track. gambling is completely legal at both these places. my town’s little american legion post had some old boys gambling in the back and was/is locked up for unlawful gambling. go figure, multi-million dollar palaces of games of chance are OK but pensioner veterans playing penny ante poker is a no go.

the hypocracy on gambling stateside is all pervasive. the only crime mrs. gretzky broke was that she didn’t use a state approved gambling den.

pure BS.

  1. it was his wife, not him. So the title should be “MRS. Wayne…”
  2. Whose business is it? It is stupid that gambling is illegal anyways.
  3. I doubt it is done for money. And more done for sport. So being wealthy would be an encouraging factor, not a discouraging one.

Because she’s bored and looking for some excitement of her own. People who like to gamble IMO like to be on that edge of risk. Gives them a high. But so what if she’s gamabling. Why is this even an issue if she doesn’t own the football team?

Casinos pay taxes. Penny ante poker players don’t.

Rick Tocchet was always one of my favorite players. He could score on you just as easily as he could drop you.

yeah as a ranger fan i hated him just as much :slight_smile: what was the name of the enforcer the flyers had in those days?

stateside EVERYBODY pays taxes, even penny ante pensioners. taxes are now the average american’s largest expenditure. the gambling corporations, however, are increasingly enjoying tax REDUCTIONS as the glut of casinos is “whoring down” the market, pitting community against community is a never ending game of tax-break limbo.

He was good. He was maybe the best corner man I’ve ever seen. He’d fight and fight to keep the puck in the offensive zone along the boards in the corner. It was somewhat of an art.

Jesus saves, but Gretzky flips in the rebound.

Casinos are gambling as a business. Individuals are gambling for fun. Why should government get a piece of coin every time money changes hands?

In the case of a gambling ring, I can see busting the organizers, but I can’t see busting the participants. Government has an interest in taxing a business and regulating a trade notorious for cheating. In the case of a casual poker game, though, I don’t think government has any business outlawing it. Perhaps putting some limitations on how high stakes can go and still be a private game, but certainly not making it illegal altogether.

That said, I oppose gambling on a personal level. Nothing wrong with a little fun with spare change, but it is a slippery slope just waiting to send someone over the edge. But my moral feelings are not grounds for legislation unless society at large agrees with me— and it doesn’t.

I really don’t know how they can prove anything 100%. Even if you’re name’s written in a book for placing a bet and you can’t account for the money. They’re really full of it. I’d tell them that I burnt my 500,000 building a fire so I could make smores.

i believe in most states in the us making a bet or having a card game is not illegal, what is is the house or bookie taking a cut of the action. note that gretzky’s wife has not been charged and will not likely be.

Well, Well, Well, :smiling_imp:

And people were telling me I should change the title of this thread. :smiley:

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Again. What is the problem? Never played blackjack?

that’s right, IF he lost that much we could probably say for sure that he is a poor gambler but it doesn’t necessarily imply that he is a degenerate.

Definition of degenerate --Having fallen to an inferior or undesirable state, especially in mental or moral qualities.

To a lot of Canadians, Gretzky was considered a “clean marine” who was an ambassador for a sport that has had a rough time of late. Being involved in Canada’s Olympic efforts, Gretzky is also a role model to many atheletes. Whether it is because he was caught on wiretap pleading on his wife’s behalf, the back taxes they will have to pay on her winnings, or Gretzky’s own losses, he has degenerated to many people.

Don’t believe me? Watch the coverage of the Olympics on CTV or read the comments of people on Canadian sites. Lots of people are saying “say it ain’t so, Joe”

in my humble opinion in that case you should change the title of your post to “degenerate in eyes of canadians” or “wife-protecting tax-evading degenerate” etc. “gambling degenerate” implies he has fallen to an inferior state on account of his own gambling, which on the surface does not seem to be the case.