Ways to get an ARC?

My husband’s lived here for almost 20 years and is holding an APRC, his mom has lived here for 10 yrs and is holding ARC through her work. They are both English teacher. But now the school won’t be able to renew her contract legally because of her age, we are looking of other ways to get her ARC. Not sure of her age but she is around 70, but she is still capable of teaching and doing stuff, she is a really good artist, aside from teaching English, and Spanish, she can also teach someone how paint.

I read before that you are able to apply arc if you’re an artist, freelance but not sure what are the requirements, and was wondering if we can apply her arc through my husband’s arc just like mine. Or maybe there’s another way, any suggestion guys? Would really appreciate it

does she work at public school? If not, I don’t think there is legal age limit to work as an English teacher.

Until when is her ARC/contract valid? If there is still few mo, why not try to get an APRC?


The obvious suggestion is marriage. But isn’t it possible to get visas for dependants and family members besides spouses? Can’t she get a visa as a dependant mother who needs her son to take care of her?

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She has been here 10 years and she hasn’t gotten an APRC yet?

She likely could have gotten one 5 years ago. Go ask the NIA now! Don’t delay! Ok they’re closed today. Monday!


She should be eligible for an APRC if she’s been here for five years and has had her ARC continuously. IIRC there’s an income requirement, a requirement for no criminal convictions, and some other documentation.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but mom had to be at the same job for 5 consecutive years to apply for an APRC?

No, it doesn’t need to be the same employer to qualify for an APRC.


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If there is not enough time to apply for new APRC, or she is not eligible yet, there is a 6 month extension she can apply. It should be applied with her contract termination letter from her employer before her ARC would be expired. And it can be renewed once, so she would get a year to find another way, and the year can be counted for APRC.


The school is a private. They just informed her that they won’t be able to renew the contract. Her ARC will expire on July 30.

That we don’t know, we are hoping someone knows or have same experience that they can share to us. If she can get ARC through his son’s APRC that would be great.

I guess we will find out on Wednesday. They plan to go and ask, but we’ll feel a lot better if we know there’s a way for her to stay here. Specially rules here can be a lil tricky and confusing.

As for APRC, yes she was qualified. In fact she tried to apply for it probably 2 years ago. But when she went to the immigration applying for ARC, they realized that her ARC was already expired and she forgot to renew it. Everything works fine since the immigration knew it was an honest mistake and she was not trying to work illegally. But because of that, she needs to wait for another 5 years to be able to apply for her APRC.