Ways to Return to Taiwan in 2021

I live in Taiwan since 2013, but I always stayed by doing visa runs. Those visa runs ignited my passion for travel and my trips got longer and longer. What started as a 2 day Hong Kong visit became a one year South America journey in 2019. Unfortunately during that trip the borders closed for tourists due to Covid and now I’m running out of patience and I really miss my home. My apartment and all my things are still in Taipei, despite me being unable to return home for already 2 years by now.

I’m German citizen teaching the language online to finance my life. Now I’m in Mexico waiting for the borders to reopen, but it feels like forever. I don’t have a bachelor degree, so I cannot apply for employment or a gold card. The only way I could think of is returning on a student visa, but I don’t have real intentions to study and the application process seems complicated. I don’t have my high school diploma and I’m not in Germany to go there and get it.

What is your opinion regarding my situation?

Sounds like you just have to wait until visa
runs are possible again

Or marry a Taiwanese😅

Or start a business

Look at the bright side. The food there is much better.


Hard to do when you are not in Taiwan and not in school where you might meet the right Taiwanese girl

I tried that And ended up marrying an Indonesian

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Working holiday programme. Open to Germans.

yeah, taiwanese-singles-in-mexico.com seems like the most plausible option.


Thank you all for the comments. I guess I have to wait a bit!