WCIF 2014 Bank Holidays in Taiwan

As it says on the tin, “Where can I find a list of 2014 bank holidays in Taiwan”? More specifically Chinese New Year, or hasn’t the government announced it yet?

Here’s the page from the Executive Yuan with the Public Holiday schedules: http://www.cpa.gov.tw/lp.asp?CtNode=765&CtUnit=179&BaseDSD=7&mp=1. As of today it only goes through 2013 (ROC 102).


I have also found this timeanddate.com/calendar/?year=2014
But can anyone take a rough guess what dates the government is likely to make a holiday for Chinese New Year?

OP is really lucky. They announced early this year:

[quote]TAIPEI, Taiwan – There will be a total of six long-weekend holidays in 2014, according to the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA), which yesterday announced government agencies’ holiday overview.
The DGPA announced next year’s holiday overview calendar three months earlier than usual, stating that it wishes to clarify the holidays as early as possible. In a press statement, the DGPA said that because many people have complained over the past calendars that usually came out in late September, this year it decided to announce the holiday dates in advance. The early notice is for the convenience of the public, letting them know earlier what holidays to expect for next year, they said.

Holidays for 2014, including weekends, add up to 114 days, according to the DGPA. The main long holiday — Chinese New Year — totals six days, which is three days shorter than this year’s Chinese New Year holiday.

Other than Chinese New Year, other long weekend holidays include the 228 Peace Memorial Day, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.
The DGPA added that it will continue to announce the holidays of the following year before June 30 in the future, so that officials and civil servants can plan their schedules six months in advance.

The DPGA also pointed out that the holiday dates it announces are targeted at government agencies and civil servants.

Schools need to follow the holiday dates announced by the Education Ministry, while employees of private enterprises should follow the owner’s orders as long as the decisions are legal under the Labor Standard Act.
chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/nati … 2C+News%29

Official calender: dgpa.gov.tw/public/Attachmen … 125011.xls

Ah! Thats perfect, thanks a lot Icon.

It seems to be mathematically impossible that all of the holidays (except NYD) can line up on a weekend but I like it. CNY is an awkward holiday splitting the weekend instead of a full week but most places will probably give a week and a half of vacation (or two weeks).