WCIF a can of acetate 醋酸鹽?

Like this one

I am checking “everything stores” like Red Apple on Tianmu Road. What is the proper Chinese name - is it 醋酸鹽?

Should I check at supply does like the ones near NTNU?

I think ethyl acetate is 醋酸乙酯.

Thank you

Chemical stores have them. They are listed in English names too. There are a few on 天水路

Are you trying to spray lacquer?

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The Mrs paints and draws and has a spray can of acetate for finished pictures, if that’s the kind of thing you’re after. She gets it at the art supply store.
(There’s a bunch near Hoping Jinshan)

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Thanks. No, I want to transfer laser printer toner from paper to EVA Foam, and the demo video I watched used a can of acetate to rub on the back of the paper (laser printer toner on the other side of the page pressed against the EVA foam)

I watched the video again and the can was branded Klean Strip, which I have found to have different types of acetate - ethyl acetate, I think



I use ethyl acetate to improve lacquer flow and butyl acetate as a retarder to prevent haze when spraying lacquer in Taiwan humidity.

Yes, that’s kinda what the Acetate can in the video looked like. It was square and blue, but I could only see the Klean Strip logo in the upper corner of the can. On the Klean Strip pages I found, none say Acetate on the can so explicitly.