WCIF a carpenter to build a train table

I just saw this train table on Pinterest and I’m wondering how much it might cost to have something like this made in Taipei. Can you recommend a carpenter I can contact for a quote?

The original design is from Canada facebook.com/pages/Bensimon … tos_stream
More photos of the table plus.google.com/photos/10247296 … banner=pwa

The pieces that make up the train track look like they come from a toy store. All you would really need would be a table with a hole in the middle of it. Can’t suggest a price or recommend a carpenter - sorry.

I think something like this can be built starting with one of these ridiculously cheap IKEA tables:
ikea.com/tw/zh/catalog/categ … ting=price

There’s even a name for this, “IKEA hacking.”

@Doraemonster - You are right. In fact, it was through browsing for IKEA hack train tables that I found this one. My work desk at home is an IKEA hack that I put together myself. Now, where can I get my hands on a jig-saw to cut out the square in the middle? Oh, yeah - I can’t. Hence, WCIF a carpenter :slight_smile:

I also like the carpeting on the top and the outer border of the table. All-in-all, asking a carpenter do this would be much better and faster (and less dangerous, too) than any of the hacks I could try to put together :slight_smile:

@Milkybar_Kid - I should have clarified that I was interested in the table, not so much the trains.

I like that the kid is wearing an engineers cap. That’s all I have to say on this issue. :sunglasses:

Go on Yahoo Auctions and search for “custom-made table” (sorry I forgot how it is in Chinese) and you’ll find several carpenters doing this kind of job.

Thank you. I did a quick Google Translate and came up with 定制表
So I searched Yahoo Auctions for it (tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/ … 6%E8%A1%A8) and came up with 2 pairs of shoes?? 6" heels

I’ll keep trying. Cheers

Try 定制桌 or 定做桌. “表” is a table with rows and columns. :slight_smile:

BTW What the search found are described as “定制表演鞋:” made-to-order (定制) “performance” (表演) shoes (鞋).

Finding things in Taiwan isn’t always easy. Google translate will not help you because what they call things here will not be what is the correct translation for its name. For example the chinese name for jig saws (線鋸機) also is the same for scroll saws as well. To further confuse things, the name for circular saw (skil saws) and tablesaw is the same in Chinese as well. Basically you will find a machine on yahoo auctions, and basically be presented more than one type of machines, and you will find the more common ones (for example, circular saw) rather than the factory/industrial machines (table saws).

It is extremely frustrating to work in a store in Taiwan since one thing can be known by at least 10 different names, and none of them relate or even make sense! One customer could walk in asking for something that I’ve sold for years, only that it’s in a less often used name so I’m sitting there wondering what it is.