WCIF a dentist near Donghu?

Anyone have a raving endorsement for a particular dentist in the Donghu/Xizhi area? Or a heads up on who to avoid? I need a root canal right away, and would like to find some able hands …

I personally love our family’s dentist. His office is on ChengGong Rd near the corner of JinHu Rd, on the second floor, above a bridal shop. His office is open from 2-9pm

Thanks. Had my first appointment with this guy last night. Root canal virtually painless so far … uggh.

Just for future reference, here is another good one, in Donghu, near the beginning of Kangle Ave., thus fairly near the small bridge to Xizhi: 微笑牙醫 Smile Center, 康樂街20巷1號2樓 Kangle Ave., Lane 20, #1, 2F. 2633-1575 and 76. Afternoons 2-6, evenings 7-10. Closed Sundays and holidays. I’ve been going there for 13 years. The staff are very, very friendly and the dentist speaks English, too.