WCIF a good margarita in Taipei?

Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but all the places I’ve been to serve bad margaritas. Any place that sells Mexican quality margaritas in Taipei?

where have you been so far?

marquee usually have top notch drinks.

My favorite margarita is probably the one at Eddy’s Cantina in Tianmu, but I know next to nothing about margaritas.

mostly around the western restaurants in xinyi.

Hmm, I never really order the margarita as I see it as a feminine drink. So I’m not really sure what makes a margarita good. Is it the type of tequila you are not sastisfied with? Or like the mixture of the cocktail.

The consistency is not good here. It tastes watered down here and seems to lack flavor.

Hmm. Have you tried marquee. They usually have the best cocktails but margaritas might not be what they are used to mixing there. But from what I know, they have some of the best bartenders around. But who knows, with margaritas, a little cantina you would never notice passing by might have a really good one.