WCIF a Gym in Yung He?

Now that the Oxy gym has closed, does anyone have a recomendation for a gym in Yung He?

I often exit Dingxi MRT stn, turn left, then turn left into Chung Chen Rd. Somewhere along there on the left (just before Chung Chen Rd, I think) is a gym. I’ve never been in - gyms aren’t my thing - but it might be worth checking out.

thanks. But that gym was part of the ill-fated Youth Camp chain and is now closed :frowning:

I go to the Sogo. I don’t know what you’re looking for in a gym, but they have weights and stuff. I like it for the swimming pool, but there’s no basketball court. It’s worth having a look if you’ve never been.

It’s on the 10 floor (I think, I can never remember, the top floor).

There’s one that 914 belongs to that has a Yonghe branch. You’d have to PM 914.