WCIF a handwriting font (traditional)


I’m looking for a handwritten-like font, but something that is very legible and in which the strokes are recognizable. Not at all script-ish. This would be for readings for beginners who would be modeling their handwriting on it.

Preferably a “pen” font so that beginners aren’t all drawing in the thickness variations in the strokes thinking they matter when you’re writing with a ballpoint.


Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I use a font with the name listed as 王漢宗中行書繁 on Word. I downloaded it free from the Internet. A sample is below.


Appreciate the lead, but that’s a little too script-y for beginners. It’s pretty, though.


文鼎中鋼筆行楷, 文鼎細鋼筆行楷, 文鼎粗鋼筆行楷

王漢宗鋼筆行楷 wthc06.ttf

Justfont 葉書體

Justfont Touch Regular 隨筆

Justfont Albatron 青雲

Justfont Handy Black 巧黑

Justfont Mei-a 妹阿


Thanks for the leads! It seems just really hard to find a “printing” handwriting font suitable for beginners. Everything time it gets the least bit cursive or there is even a little bit of flourish or connection between strokes, the beginners try to copy that, and they’re not there yet. I may have to get someone to just write out the 200 or so characters I would need.