WCIF A health and safety government dept.


I recently moved into an old apartment. There’s been a bad smell in there from day one and I couldn’t get rid of it. I eventually traced to the bath plug hole. It appears that the bath has no U-bend fitted to it and runs directly down to the sewer. In fact, if I get my ear close enough, I can hear the water running in the sewer. Not only is this a health hazard, but any naked flame or spark could potentially cause an explosion!

I confronted the landlord who assures me that a U-bend has been fitted and refuses to discuss it. There’s no inspection cover for me to look inside to check, I’d have to smash stuff to physically prove it. Or throw a match down the plug hole lol.

Is there a government department, in Taipei, that I can check with to see if it’s a legal requirement to have a U-bend fitted to sinks and baths?