WCIF a place that tries to recover failed external hard drives?

Somewhere in Taipei or Kaohsiung.

There are places in Guang Hua Digital Plaza that specialize in that in Taipei. They are on the top floors of the building I believe.

There’s one on Ba De right before Xin Shen elevated road (I think a few doors down from 50嵐)

There’s also one on the second floor of the new Terry Kuo building. You can’t miss it when taking the escalator up.

So how does it work? You buy a new hard drive from them and pay a set fee and then you get whatever they recover everything, nothing, or something.

Any idea how expensive it is, just ballpark?

Here ya go~


Seems to be split into different services.

Out of interest and i know you didn’t specifically ask this. But what kind of HD is it? IS it an internal laptop HD, or an external HD, are you sure it’s really dead and needs a recovery service?

edit/ OOPs, says external in the header. But, are you sure it’s the HD that is dead, sometimes theres a SATA bridge chip that is responsible for the failure.

I’m the typical clueless computer user – all I know about external hard drives is that you plug them into a USB port.

The drive is a Hitachi “Simple Drive Mini”, 500 GB. All I know is that when I plug it in, it isn’t recognized by the computer. So no, I’m not certain it’s dead. If it’s just a chip that could be easily replaced, that would be great.