WCIF a used basic notebook?

Hi there,

I‘m a student here to learn Chinese. I do my homework etc on an iPad, but would like to do some light work on an actual computer, so now I’m looking for a used notebook/laptop computer.
It would really only need to be able to run Linux, a browser and python3, no games or anything like that - where I’m from, that means something could probably be found for ~60€, about $2000. What would a reasonable price be over here?
Where in Taipei could I find a something like that? I already went to guanghua market, and probably missed it - can anyone recommend a specific place, a Facebook group or something like that?
Of course, if anyone here has an old business laptop to get rid of, send me a message.


ASUS has a couple of nice models for NT$9000 to NT$12000. The E410MA works well with Linux (Knoppix 8.6.1 or higher, for example) off a flash drive.

The used market in Taiwan is ridiculous and I seriously doubt you would ever find a working computer for that little. A few years ago on this very site, someone was advertising a fifteen-year-old laptop running WinXP for more than it sold for new fifteen years ago, and some idiot bought it within a couple of days. But who knows, maybe that’s more of a “here” thing.



That’s the one. I can confirm that even on Linux (K861) its battery lasts 12+ hours of in-use time (which for me means reading ebooks). I’ve accidentally forgotten to put it into sleep mode before going to bed, and as long as the cover is closed (so the backlight is turned off, not just dimmed) it’s used less than 25% of its charge by morning.

I have one I can get rid of.