WCIF Airborne Formula?

People outside the US may not know what Airborne is, but in America you can get it in most drug stores, and that’s where I’ve picked up mine. But due to the beginning symptoms of a recent cold, my supply is running low. Has anyone seen it here?

So no one knows if Airborne is available locally. Well, now that this topic has been moved from WCIF to health, can anyone recommend something similar to Airborne I can buy here?

I know what you are talking about and always stock up on it when home, but have yet to see it here. Good luck and if you find it let us know.

Ruten (a local online auction site) is usually one of the best places to search for such things. You’ll likely need a local’s help to make the purchase, though, since AFAIK Ruten won’t let you sign up with an ARC#. Be wary of crazy shipping charges, too. Read all the details carefully.

you do know that airborne was sued a few years ago for false advertising right? theres an article here http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/news/20080304/cold-remedy-airborne-settles-lawsuit. i remember when i left las vegas a few years ago, there was a class action lawsuit and anyone that bought airborne during a certain period could be fully refunded for up to 6 boxes. i think i got back something like $60+ a few months later. as far as substitutions go, when i’m feeling like i’m getting a cold, i take down a bunch of echinacea & zinc…both of which can be found @ any gnc here. costco MIGHT have it as well, but i’m not too sure.

I saw an effervescent vitamin advertisement on TV the other day for Redoxon - so you should be able to find it at Cosmed or Watson’s.
I didn’t know they were here and I picked up a bunch in the Manning’s at HK’s airport on my way over. Mannings also has the effervescent Vit-C tablets from Sandoz (Novartis), so you might look out for them here, too.

My brother was visiting Taipei last week and caught a cold. I gave him a tube of Redoxon and he immediately recognized it as essentially the same as Airborne.


Another place I saw Redoxon/Redoxon-like tubes was this knick-knack shop on Yanji St one lane south of Zhongxiao E Road. There is a tea shop on the corner of that lane and next to it is the store with all of these cubby holes. Each cubby hole is a different consignment “store” and I spied a tube that looked like Redoxon in one of those “stores”.

I went down to my local Watsons tonight and found that they did carry Redoxon, and it happened to be on sale ($299 a tube). :discodance: It’s put out by Bayer but made in Indonesia. :ponder:
Now I can’t wait to be attacked by some bacteria and put the tablets to the test. Thanks for the tip, goose. :slight_smile:

No sweat :slight_smile:

The place I referred to is called CheckFUN (checkfun.com.tw), which has 23 locations in Taipei City, 9 in Taipei County, and 16 in the rest of Taiwan. I saw it in the CheckFUN shop at #153-1, Yanji St (just south of Zhongxiao E Rd)