WCIF blood glucose testing strips

I searched this section and WCIF, but came up with nothing.

I have a relative in the US who is diabetic and uses a blood glucose meter. She asked me if I could get a hold of her testing supplies here in Taiwan, and how much they’d be. They’re pricey in the US, especially since she doesn’t have health insurance anymore.

Her brand of meter is One Touch Verio, so she’s asking about…

[ul]One Touch Verio Test Strips
One Touch Delica Lancets[/ul]

If anyone knows where to obtain these, or at least the names/websites of pharmaceutical supply places in Taiwan, I (and she) would appreciate the information.

In any good larger pharmacy or if you live close to a hospital then in the neighborhood there are those ‘hospital’ stores that sell all kind of stuff like wheelchairs etc. … Strips and meters. But if they have the ones you need is a guess.

You can get them in almost any pharmacy, but you won’t get much of a discount since they are actually made in the US. There are Taiwanese brands that are very good too though, however you need the right meter to go with the same brand glucose test. A lot of the worlds glucose test strips are actually made in Taiwan.


A Taiwanese friend said he gets his One Touch test strips in Taipei—cheaper there than in Taoyuan where I am. He mentioned Hetai pharmacy (合泰藥局), at a price of NT850 for 50 strips. I’ll ask my relative how that price compares to what’s she’s paying in the US.