WCIF Borjomi Mineral Water from Georgia (the country)

Does anyone know where I can find this fancy mineral water in Taipei? I’m gonna try all the fancy department store supermarkets (City Super, Breeze Cetner, etc.) but would appreciate it if someone knows off hand and can tell me so I might save some time. Thanks!

What’s so special about this water?

I get to feel like I’m better than anyone who’s not drinking it.


in all seriousness though, I’m trying to cut back on drinking alcohol so I need to find some other shit to drink. I heard this was really good mineral water, and I’d like to see how it compares to San Pelegrino. Plus, I’ve heard it’s a good hangover cure, ironic I know given that I’m trying to cut back on drinking, haha…

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I enjoy a mineral water and lemon minus the vodka. I’ve noticed that Perrier is less salty tasting than Schweppes. I don’t like the fake flavored mineral waters.

I tried Gerolsteiner in glass bottles from Wellcome that tastes really good. Now, they seem to have discontinued it at my location which is probably saving me money.

I bought Perrier in small cans at Costco. Next time I’ll buy another fancy Italian brand that I saw there in larger glass bottles. I can’t remember the name.

you’re probably thinking of San Pellegrino.