WCIF chafing dishes for rent?

This may be a long shot. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a place to rent a couple chafing dishes for a Thanksgiving dinner party at my church. In Taipei near the Tianmu Sogo. Thanks!

A little south, but Xiamen Street, under the bridge.
Bazillions of restaurant supply places, should be easy peasy.

ETA: You could probably even negotiate to have them delivered and picked up

@Rocket Thanks for the quick and helpful reply! Would you mind sending a Maps pin or naming an intersection near the bridge? Super unfamiliar with the area, sorry :sweat_smile:

So am I, so I think I should warn you that the following may not be helpful.

Last night after messing around on Google based on what @Rocket wrote, I found some stores that appear to be kitchen- or catering-supply stores, mixed in with other stores. (If you have a Chrome browser you can right-click the page, and it may translate from Chinese to English. If Chrome says it can’t translate, I think that’s often because of some recent bug in Chrome’s software. Often you can click “Options” on the dropdown menu from the box that says it can’t translate and find “Chinese Traditional” and translate from that. Also, if you can’t get a menu from right-clicking in one place on the page (but that list on the left side should be clickable), you can sometimes get a menu from another place.)

There appear to be some kitchen- or catering-supply stores on this search page, mixed in with some other kinds of stores. I don’t know if they have chafing dishes (when I plug chafing dish into Google Translate I get 火鍋 and 暖鍋, which translate back into “hot pot” and “warm pot,” respectively), and I don’t know if they rent their items out.

When I enlarge the map below this street view (which partly contains what appears to be a store called “Big Taipei” (大台北)) by clicking the plus sign on the right side of the page, I find a few spots that say “Restaurant Supply Store” or “Kitchen Supply Store” in English. Some locations might require moving the map around a little.

Again, I don’t know if any of these folks have chafing dishes, and I don’t know if they rent out their equipment.

I hope this helps, or at least doesn’t get you lost or otherwise waste your time. If it looks as if it might do either, or even something less pleasant, then hopefully there’s some other course of action that could get you your chafing dishes.

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Anywhere around here, there are literally streets full of new and used restaurant supply and rental shops


Wow, thanks so much @Charlie_Jack for taking the time to do some digging! Much appreciated! And thank you again @Rocket!