WCIF cigarette papers in Taichung?

hello peoples.
More general info/help needed. I stumbled across some green tobacco. But i am having a rum old time finding cigarette papers in this here fine city of Taichung. Anyone know of a vendor who purveys such goods? I wuld especially like some giant rizla. But i suppose thats out of the question…?

send me a message with your address and I’ll post a couple of small packets of small red Rizla’s to you to keep you going. FOC.

Use a pipe but be careful of getting pinched. Personally the green tobacco in Taiwan is of very poor quality and over priced.

most dedicated liquor stores sell cigars, pipes, tobacco and rolling papers… there is one just near the Holiday KTV on the corner of Mei Tsun Rd. & Xiang Shang Rd… from time to time so does Finga’s Deli on Chung Ming Nan Rd… you’ll be hard pressed to find x-large Rizla though… nobody rolls cigarettes that big… :wink: