WCIF Cream Soda in Taiwan

So WCIF cream soda in Taiwan?

Outside of Shopee, I don’t know. But the Chinese is 奶油蘇打, hopefully it helps.

Butter soda? hmm doesn’t sound too promising maybe i will stick with the vanilla coke…

Well. Butter and cream are the same word in Chinese :idunno:

Oil of milk.

Can also call it 奶油汽水

Boylan from Beer Bee appears to be the only local brand selling a cream soda like this. Their about page says they’re from Kaohsiung.

Apparently also sold on Amazon as well.

I think I saw A&W cream soda in Xinyi last week - either in Breeze Super or Mıa Ç’èšt bøñ.

But it’s not something I seek out, so I may be confusing it with some other A&W variant. For sure there was non-normal-root beer A&W.

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Great, i’ll take a look next time i’m in jasons… i refuse to call it mia c’bon lol.

I agree

Can you order food from Amazon? What import restriction are there on them?

Also just wondering, but is it even possible to make it with a soda stream machine? I mean if it exists it must be possible to carbonate it.

Don’t know, wouldn’t even want to try to order Taiwanese product from Amazon.