WCIF Currency Xchg on a Sat/Sun?

Where can I go to get my money exchanged without going all the way to airport on a Saturday/Sunday?

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve never seen currency exchangers in Taiwan … sorry … only banks do that I guess …

Any banks that are open Sat/Sunday?

You could try songshan airport.

You could also try department stores like Sogo, but less attractive rates.

Jewelry shops often exchange money at decent rates (the one i sometimes use - in Hualien - is about 0.5% more expensive than the two banks that change money here).
And no need to take your passport along (no paperwork) or to pull a number and wait to be served…

You might try one of the big hotels like ‘W’.

Ground floor of the Shinkong Mitsukoshi at Taipei Main Station does currency exchange - they will probably require your passport… well at least they asked for mine when I did it there once.

Banks might be closed tomorrow, typhoon coming!

Any major hotel, though the rates are less than attractive…

It is monday already. Guess my response is too late. I will be going to US for a vacation. So, can use some US dollars. To make it fair, I will use the average of buy and sell rates of Taiwan Bank. PM me if you are still interested.