WCIF flatbreads, like lavash or naan?

Bit of a long shot, but has anyone seen good flatbreads like lavash or naan around? There’s pita bread or frozen parathas at Carrefour, but I’d like something a bit thicker for mopping up sauce, or for easy dishes to throw in the oven with toppings and bake.

Yes, I can make my own, but emphasis on “easy dishes”. It’d be nice to just throw a bunch in the freezer and pull them out on days when I feel lazy.


I couldn’t find anywhere, the closest things I could improvise with are pitas from the pita bar in tianmu, near the american school, theirs are the best pita in taipei area, better than carrefour or costco, but pricey.
another option you can try is the large scallion bread from 東北大餅, not the same but close.

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Buy some naan from an Indian restaurant?

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Don’t Florida bakery have some

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Good tip, but I can’t find any on their website:

Well, if I wanted hot bread, sure, but it’s more “baked but not yet toasted” bread to put in the freezer that I’m after. I doubt cooled and then reheated naan would work all that well.

Like I said, I think this is a long shot. This sort of flatbread is easy to find in North American grocery stores now: they’re on the racks with the many different kinds of whole-grain sandwich bread and different flavors of bagels. In Taiwan, well, almost none of that is available.

I’m sure any Indian restaurant will cut you a deal to bulk buy some naans. Their chef can knock those things up outside service. It’s easy money for them. They just need to add a couple of dozen (or however many you want) onto what they normally produce.


Subway has flatbreads now.