WCIF good live-in nanny agency?

I’ve very recently become the proud father of twins (a boy and a girl!) and need a little help on the nanny front!

The in-laws had been quite insistent that we get a live-in nanny to help with the sudden influx of children in our house, and they have very kindly offered to covered the cost, so I’m all for it. Originally we were planning to hire the cousin of their Filipino live-in nanny/housekeeper who had had experience with twins before - I get on very well with their nanny and having been introduced to the cousin via skype it seemed all set to go. Unfortunately due to some paperwork mishap I am yet to fully understand, the cousin’s entry to Taiwan has been denied due to the wrong birth certificate being submitted.

Now the in-laws are off asking friends of friends of friends to recruit a new nanny, but I’m not convinced on this approach.

The unwavering belief in hear-say that exists in Taiwanese culture (be it for a doctor, a plumber, a herbal remedy, whatever) has always worked out badly for me! If I can’t get a first-hand recommendation from someone I want to go looking for the best option myself rather than trust what my in-law’s neighbour’s estranged cousin’s cat’s vet has to say on the issue!

With that in mind, does anyone know of any agencies in Taiwan that can help you find a live-in nanny? Then I can go about recruiting my own nanny!

Wow, twins! Congrats on your new bundles of joy. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a kid on the way in September and have been asking about the same thing. I talked with some of my friends who’ve already done the nanny search and suggested this site: baby-sitter.org.tw

It’s too bad word of mouth recommendations haven’t worked out for you. It really depends on the quality of the information you’re getting. I try to make sure the recommender has a history of exhibiting good character/judgment in their own life. Certain in-laws and family friends are trusted; others most definitely not.

I mention this because I wouldn’t go about choosing a live-in nanny the same way I would a plumber or contractor. A (trusted) family friend or relative’s recommendation weighs much heavier than a website review, for me at least.

A nanny or housekeeper with a good review on website only goes so far. Maybe I’m nitpicking but if they’re really that good, why are they on a website looking for work? As in any industry, it’s rare that the best people need to search for work because their reputation does a good job keeping them employed.

We have a couple of interviews lined up (via word of mouth) with nannies that will be available in the fall. We’re not looking for live-in help because we still like our privacy at night. Our house is 30-ping which is large enough for us, but with another person (and a baby of course) it’d be a little cramped. My wife freelances so we’re looking for nanny to help out during the day and then we’ll manage things at night.

Not sure if this info helps; just my two cents.