WCIF jalapeño peppers in southern Taiwan?

In southern Taiwan looking for some bottled jalapeño peppers. Otherwise does anyone know if they can be ordered anywhere?

i bought a can of them in the far eastern supermarket up here in taoyuan some time back.

dunno if you have FE down there, or if they still stock them, but maybe worth a shot …

I also used to buy mine at FE21 opposite the Taoyuan train station and at a baking “DIY” in downtown Taoyuan. But Jason’s at Taipei 101 also stocks it, as do COSTCO. In fact, any store that sells “international foods” will carry it.

Cheers vir eers!

If they have them at Costco in Kaohsiung they are hiding them well. I used to get them at Dollars but they haven’t had them recently.

I can get three kilo cans for you. If you don’t want that much just swing by my restaurant and I’ll give you a handfull.


[quote=“thebayou”]I can get three kilo cans for you. If you don’t want that much just swing by my restaurant and I’ll give you a handfull.


Great. Thanks. I’ll probably stop by sometime. Stil in the same place? I looked up a post with the address(Minquan 2nd road, #228. 民權二路228號) but it is over 2 years old. I imagine you can freeze them, if so I’d love to get a can.

Actually we moved a few months back. We’re up north now on Ming Cheng 1st rd #226. Near the Min Tzu Dollars. We’re on the FYI map if that helps. If you need directions our number is 310-7293.

Glad I asked.

Not at all, but I lived in that area for a few years so I’ll have little trouble finding it.

There is a small store in an alley just behind the intersection of Minsheng and Zhongshan rd in Kaohsiung. It’s often called the box store. I think the name outside is ABC or something.

Inside there are all manner of American, Australian, etc imports – including jalapeno

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If you can do it, they are very easy to grow. Just about any plant store or garden shop will have the seed.

Just make sure you out sand in the bottom of the pot for drainage…about 3-4 inches is all then fill with dirt.

If you need some I can mail you a package of seeds. Or drop them off somewhere thats convenient for you.

Thanks for the offer TC.
Carrefour now stocks them, at least the Carrefour on DingShan/Dashuen Road in Kaohsiung does. I also found some (overpriced) at Jason’s in the Han Sen Department store.
Got four jars sitting at home now.

I am in Kaohsiung, looking for fresh Jalapeno peppers (prefer not canned).

It has been more than six years since the last post on this thread. Has things changed since then?

Anyone knows how to get fresh Jalapeno peppers in southern Taiwan?