WCIF non-alcoholic eggnog?

This is always asked every December here. It deserves its own thread.

So, let’s begin…

Has anyone seen Hood Eggnog (chilled and nonalcoholic) out in the wilds of Taiwan anywhere? Usually Costco.

Yes, I am aware you can make your own. To be clear, I’m not interested in making my own. I am also not looking for the nonrefrigerated Costco eggnog with alcohol in it.

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Old leads from a previous thread on the same topic:

From 2008:

From 2011 - unclear if this is the alcoholic version or not:

Ditto, for 2013:

I believe I’ve never seen non-alcoholic eggnog here (although I did enjoy the spiked Costco one last year).

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I heat eggnog up and use it in place of milk with coffee in the morning. yum

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But do you buy it in Taiwan somewhere? Or make your own?

FB reports it being sold in Costco again this year


My membership expired back in the summer. Time to renew it!

Get it while it lasts . Everytime Isee it posted, by the time I get toa citywitch costco they are sold out. Buy sooner than later!

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Today, Zhonghe Costco was fully stocked with both types of eggnog, Hood nonalcoholic eggnog and Kirkland alcoholic ennnog.


My local Costco does not have the non-alcoholic eggnog. Has anyone seen it sold anywhere in Kaohsiung?

ETA: I found it at Costco, even though their employee told me they don’t have it. It’s at the refrigerated beverage aisle, not in the dairy room.


Putting this here because I wont remember come December.

Anyone tried oat not before? it is outrageously expensive. and summer time…but would a carton in winter if people have tried it and give it a pass.