WCIF nursing homes in Taipei

I am looking for a nursing home for a friend of the family.
I realize that most Taiwanese don’t always put their elderly relatives in a nursing home.
I thought I would suggest a few nursing homes and maybe help them consider the nursing home option.
Does anyone have any good nursing home recommendations?

The Presbyterian place in Sanzhi, very close to where the beach UFO apartments used to be, is probably about the best you’ll find in northern Taiwan. Expect a waiting list though.

Does anyone know if there are any “adult day care” or “temporary hospice care for the elderly”?

Or if there is a place to hire temporary geriatric care providers like 2 or 3 days per month?

In the US, there are nursing homes that were willing to accept elderlies for temporary care at a higher than normal costs, which were equivalent to children babysitting care places.

I don’t know, the nursing home I’ve been to looks more like a prison to me. They don’t send elders to nursing homes in Taiwan because it is seen as a great sign of disrespect. There are several advertised and there is a big one (the best one I have seen so far) right on the danshui line near Zhuwei MRT station. It’s very close to that hotel thingie…don’t know the name.

Of course there are plenty of nursing homes in Taiwan, quality varies a lot I am sure.

Would it be possible to look up the name or give me an approximate location (like the hotel’s name)?

While it is a big sign of disrespect, caretaker strain is still a very real and present problem. Sometimes one has to suffer a bad name to do what’s best for them.

You can’t miss it, Just take the main road and it’s between Chuwei MRT and Hong Shulin MRT, approximately halfway on the right.

That’s very close to my apartment. The hotel’s English name is “Between Sky and Sea”. You can’t miss it, it’s got colorful LED everywhere and has a bowling alley ad out front. The nursing home is about 100m towards Zhuwei.

Thank you, guys!

It’s been about 9 years since this discussion, so wondering if anyone has any other thoughts regarding nursing homes in the Taipei area.

My parents live in Xindian, and my dad is in need of round the clock care. He’s suffers from terminal stage cancer, and because he’s on strong painkillers (e.g. morphine), he sleeps for most of the day, everyday. This also means he wakes up every 1-2 hours to use the restroom, including throughout the night, and this is really tough on my mom. My mom has a helper come to the house for just three hours, 3x a week, so she can go run errands and take some time for herself (which obviously is not enough time). I also live in California, so I help when I’m there in Taiwan visiting.

@cranky_laowai mentioned the Presbyterian place in Sanzhi (https://www.slehtaiwan.com/), but it’s a bit far from my parents’ home. Since my dad can’t participate in any nursing home activities, I’m just looking for a place that has capable staff to help him at any hour of the day and night.

I understand there are likely waiting lists at decent facilities, but appreciate any thoughts on other facilities, including private/more expensive options.

there are several types of nursing homes.
health and/or welfare departments of local governments have lists of registered nursing homes on their Chinese sites. In your case, you may check New Taipei City government site, and maybe Taipei city government site too.

You could call or mail them to ask for the list and procedures to be put on their waiting list or enter there.