WCIF Pacsafe Anti-theft Travel Bags and Gear?

Are there any shops that sell Pacsafe Anti-theft Travel Bags and Gear?


Yep. I know a couple of places in Xindian and also Taipei Zhngshan road. Which location is closest so I can be more specific? I have several of their bags, and have called guarantee on the last I bought -seal broke first time I used it- gave me a new one immediately, very good service IMHO.

Awesome, I’m in Hsinyi area but no problem to go around Taipei for best selections.

Well, not best nor wide, I am afraid. try the string of camping and travel stores at Zhongshan road, they always carry 4 or 5 different models.

I’ve seen some PacSafe products at TingSanIou on Zhongshan N. Rd. near the train station. But their selections are meh.

Another option is to order online and have them shipped.

Only one company on Xinyi Road has PACSAFE bags and accessories. Go Hiking with two locations on Xinyi Road is the only shop with PACSAFE with the shop at 166-1 having the most variety.

New large shop inside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Place A8
新光三越台北信義新天地A8 3rd floor.

I won’t buy with the big “PACSAFE” label. It’s just a magnet for criminals. They will look at that and think “There is something in that bag that needs to become mine”.