WCIF real, yellow lemons?

Not the common green lime that all Taiwanese call “lemon” for some reason. Do actual yellow lemons even exist here?

You can sometimes find bags of them at Costco.

I’ve also seen them at certain Welcome stores.

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My day market usually has them, although they are imported, so supply can be somewhat regular.

Just to keep things straight, BYW, they aren’t limes

The lemons most readily available in Taiwan are of a type usually categorized as Eureka lemons, and due to reasons of climate and cultivation almost never become yellow. A little yellow shading amid the green when the fruit is very ripe can be found, or even occasionally a dull, bruised yellow in very old fruit, but nothing like the attractive bright coloring of imported lemons. Fortunately, for most savory preparations, this doesn’t matter too much, and there is nothing wrong with the flavor of Taiwan’s green lemons. It’s just different.


Oh. Well now that just invites more questions, like “if these aren’t actually limes, then do they have real limes here?” :thinking:


Shit just gets more and more twisted.
Alls I can tell you is that higher-end bars like Carnoogie’s have had them, but I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere.

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The Vietnamese or Thai stores sell limes.

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I was just thinking that very thing :+1:

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Be a little careful with the yellow lemons because IME they go bad very quickly. Presumably because they’ve been imported and been left in storage for a long time.

There’s something not quite right about them. I’m pretty sure they’ve been treated with something.

I think placebo effect made me think these eureka lemons taste like limes. If there’s no real difference in taste between these eurekas (which I swore were less bitter and more tangy) and yellow lemons, then I guess I don’t need the yellow ones. :man_shrugging: I’m so confused…

Some fruit stands put their yellowing lemons on sale in a separate pile. They don’t seem too ripe to me.

Any market sells limes. They’re called “seedless lemons”, wuzi ningmeng.



23NT per lemon. And someone here said that I complain too much when I pointed out that food was expensive.

To be fair, they have been flown in from the USA.

Like many other things.

Yes, of course. In this case it would be equally possible to have locally grown “real, yellow lemons”.

Many stores in the U$A sell lemons for the same price!