WCIF Red Boat fish sauce

Anyone seen stores selling Red Boat fish sauce in Taipei?
(or perhaps another brand that is “first pressed”)

I saw one seller on shopee but their price is a little crazy for 8.5fl oz size.

No, I didn’t even know this was a thing.

Popular in the US. Never seen it in Taiwan.

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Im a vegetarian and i absolutely despise fish sauce, i have seen some at the two Filipino stores ( two stores next to each other)
One is eec and other is rj they are on zhongshan Street SE of yuan shan mrt And across from a college

They speak English you can call and ask
Sorry not a solid lead but worth a try.

I have seen similar fish sauce in stores, especially stores with a high concentration of foreign workers. However they are not Red Boat brand, but Thai or Vietnamese brands. I do not know how they compare to Red Boat. You can give those a try. They aren’t too expensive (around 40nt for a huge bottle)

Thanks for the lead, but I doubt they would have Red Boat which is simply pressed anchovies and sea salt (that’s it)…making it expensive unfortunately.

Most “fish sauces” are full of sugar/fructose, msg, watered down…making them cheap and pretty nasty tasting.

I did some research and Red Boat does NOT have a Taiwan distributor. :upside_down_face:

I will just have to bite the bullet and ship them to my parents and have my parents ship them to me.

I still have two bottles left but i know I will not be making any trip back to the States anytime soon.

What is it used for in the US?

No idea, but this Indian store sells all sorts of godawesome Indian spices, as well as Sriracha.
I just picked up some mango pickle from there, now I have multiple loud orgasms every meal. With every bite. Restaurants love me.

I use it in noodle pork soup, fried rice, stir fry…kinda as a substitute for soy sauce or using too much salt. You only use a little bit like tablespoon or teaspoon depending on how much you are cooking.

I use it in a tomato sauce (and other pasta sauces) plus some western soups also…it adds a depth of flavor, that’s all. And it is not “fishy” tasting as a little goes a long way. You would never know fish sauce was added. I guess the word is umami that you are going for in terms of flavor.

Started using it back in 2007 when I was back in the states. The past 5 yrs it got really popular with both western and eastern cuisine chefs.

Of course not all fish sauces are equal just like not all olive oils are equal.

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How much is a bottle in usa? Just curious

Can you make your own? Sounds like A simple ingredient list ?

Yeah you could for sure…Red Boat ferments it for 12 months…so patience is needed and patience is something i do not have. :smile:

Price is about 6.00-8.00USD for 250ml depending on where you buy from.

I googled it… i can see why you want it.

Its not dirty sock fish sauce !!

Seems like something Jasons should carry but then the problem would be price…

Yeah it’s ‘depth of flavor’ or enhancing flavor that you are going for rather than using it as a primary “sauce” flavor.

Of course if people taste BAD fish sauce they might group all fish sauces the same. Just like you might hear people who hate sushi, but the only sushi they tried is from a random neighborhood japanese restaurant in 1995.

Saw one shopee seller, this is a bit cheaper

Thanks that price is good, but that is shipping from Irvine CA and the cost of shipping is 989NT. (looks to be some Ebay shopee partnership)

I’m just going to buy 6 bottles from Red Boat direct with free shipping to my parents in the USA and have them ship them over.

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‘First Pressed’ fish sauce? :thinking:

I get one from Wellcome which is 68% anchovy, it’s the rather inappropriately named Cock brand, from Thailand. It is maybe like 5% sugar, no biggie for me, Thai cooking is all about balancing sweet, spicy and sour!

Never heard of this extra virgin rotting fish before. :slight_smile:

Crazy world we live in these days, but just not into ‘sloppy seconds’ when it comes to my fish sauce :laughing:

I see it’s actually from Vietnam

It they use normal sugar that is not a big deal. For me it’s about preservatives or watering it down.

I have no issues with sugar…I use cane sugar and brown sugar all the time in recipes.

Perhaps since Red boat was my “first” it ruined me forever. :joy: