WCIF Rent a nice car (Toyota 86, new Prius, GTR?)

A friend of mine will come to Taiwan next year.

I would like to rent a car… but something different and better than a Yaris or a Livina.

Where can I rent a Toyota 86, Toyota New Prius, … Nissan GTR?

Not sure how you jumped from Prius to GTR, but for the GTR if your friend is going to be in TAIPEI:

First one is Dream To Be, https://www.facebook.com/dreamtobe.car/?fref=ts

The other is 加州超跑租賃, www.cahire.looker.tw.

I would not doubt that they require at least a International Driver’s License as well as a hefty deposit. My friend rented a GTR from Dream to Be a few months ago and was looking at 100K NTD deposit for a 2010-2012 model year.

Additionally ask some very careful questions on the insurance coverage, most rental companies have limited insurance and you’ll be personally liable for the replacement cost in the event of theft for example.

Yes, indeed… GTR was a last minute addition!

We were in touch with hotaimotor to rent a Toyota car (86 or Prius) until I thought of the forum.

We understand the risks to rent such expensive cars.

Thanks for the links.

For your information…

Nissan GT-R
$18000 for 1 day
$35000 for 2 days
$50000 for 3 days

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For your information again…

At 夢想國際
Porsche Macan / 15 days / Rent 130.000 NTD / Deposit 50.000NTD
BMW M2 / 15 days / Rent 150.000 NTD / Deposit 50.000NTD