WCIF: Roma Tomatoes


The worst part is, the red water just falls off the noodles, leaving no flavour and I’m essentially eating plain noodles. What gives? How do Taiwanese like this?

I tell everyone my pasta sauce test. I should be able to lift it with a fork and it holds itself together. Just like an Italian family.


I used to grow them for a few pizza shops. Issue is they aren’t what Taiwanese are used to, and normally from scratch isn’t a Taiwan past time.

If there is interest though (meaning some quantity) we can plan them i to our new farm as we are still sowing seeds at this stage.

Taiwan also isn’t the best climate for year round tomato production, hence the cherry tomato monopoly. But its still doable.


Good luck with that :slight_smile:

Tomatoes do well with aquaponics: I’m currently trialling several varieties (including Roma) in a small outdoor system. You could try this yourself on your apartment roof or even on a balcony.

As Explant says, the smaller varieties are more suited to the Taiwan climate: the larger ones cope less well with summer heat. I have no idea why.

They do eventually. I bought 10kg of crappy tomatoes a few weeks back, which cooked down to a reasonable passata in about 2 hours. Ended up with roughly 2L from those 10kg, so yeah, mostly water.


That’s a similar percentage to humans, isn’t it? Tomatoes are over 90% water.



Some tomatoes do seem to be less watery/more meaty than others. But yeah, it’s probably the difference between, I dunno, 85% and 92%.


I dried some a few years back, local Round type, to get an idea of water %. 91 to 94% were my results. But rarely are tomatoes used truly dry.