WCIF Sandisk Sansa Fuze usb cable?

Hello, I’m looking to get a new USB to mp3 player cable for my sansa fuze. I bought it in the US and when I came over I seem to have lost it.

Specifically, this…
amazon.com/Durable-Flexible- … =pd_cp_e_3
Maybe I’m just a little whiny, not wanting to wait the 3 months it would probably take to order one shipped from the United States… The annoying part is, I know they have to be here in Taipei, I just can’t read Chinese! Hence, this annoying ad which probably tells me exatly where/how to get one.
taiwan.cnet.com/review/mediaplay … 954,00.htm
Again… I don’t want the whole package, just the USB charging cable.
I probably should buckle down and buy a new mp3 player, but I like this one for sentimental reasons.

Sadly Sandisk doesn’t sell MP3 players in Taiwan, so I think you’re stuffed…
I got a Sansa e270, but luckily I haven’t broken my cable so…

Thank you, brother man, for being honest with me… It breaks my heart. This one used to belong to my ex… Probably a good thing to throw it away.

You may have luck simply going to the Guanghua Digital Plaza (or better yet the basement stores across the street, see here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=89435&start=0 ) with your mp3 player and simply pointing to the charge port of the device.

What size is it? If it’s on good nick and the 8GB model I might give you something for it, since I have a cable :stuck_out_tongue:
And as I use my e270, it’s not as if I’m going to part with my cable so…
The connector is very similar to what Apple use, but it’s not the same, so an Apple cable won’t work.

Option 1:

At $3, it wouldn’t hurt to try dealextreme out of HK.
I bought stuff from them back in L.A. (fast shipping.)


If it does not work (the reviewer may have received
a bad cable), you have the parts for option 2.

Option 2:

Build your own cable (not that hard if you have
a soldering iron and a multimeter)

Or have someone build a custom cable.
At one unit, pricing will probably be expensive
(Guanghua basement or the first shop on the left
by the temple viewtopic.php?f=7&t=89435&start=10)

Sandisk uses the same 30 pin connector as
iPod but pinout are different.

Sandisk pinouts can be found:
allpinouts.org/index.php/San … MP3_Player

vs iPod pinouts:
allpinouts.org/index.php/App … Phone_dock

The Apple and SanDisk cables are not the same, you can’t physically fit the Apple connector into a SanDisk device as the two are “keyed” differently with the SanDisk connector being shifted 1mm to the side.
It’s likely that the Dealextreme cables are actually Apple spec and not SanDisk spec. And yes, the SanDisk cable has several additional pins in it, although I’m not sure if most of them are connected.

No, they are not electrically the same. But what I gathered from
anythingbutipod is that the connectors are physically the same.
The pins are connected differently as the pinout charts show.

Wouldn’t know until you get it and test it with a multimeter.

Heck, if aahz is in Taipei, I can bring my multimeter and
soldering iron and work on it gratis. Well, for a drink or two.

if they are physically the same, but pinned out differently, then you can get the iPod/Phone/Pad USB cables for a few 100 NT at the stores across from guanghua. as long as the thing can charge without and activity on the data lines, then it’s just a matter of either moving two or less pins or cutting the wire in half and rearranging two wires.

If going for an iPod cable, make sure the iPod end is not molded. It’s going to
be ugly as sin after it’s cut apart, unless you happen to like the duct tape look.

Based on the pinout chart, an iPod cable would be missing
pins 3-6. You would need to move the pins.

Gah, the connectors are keyed differently, it’s just not possible to insert the wrong cable in the wrong device as it doesn’t fit even though the two look very similar. Also, the iPod USB cable only has a few pins in it while the SanDisk one has a full set of pins.
Sorry, but it’s just not going to work.

The topic has wandered off what OP wanted.

In addition to the HK vendor who will ship internationally
there is also a Jhonghe vendor on ruten has the item


Yeah, sad to say, I actually had already tried the ipod connector. It looked the right size. It wouldn’t really plug in right, I had to kinda force it in (bad idea probably!). When it was completely in, the computer didn’t pop up with a USB connection and it wasn’t charging up. A pity! I wish I knew enough Chinese to register on that site (or how to even write my address), but right now I’m thinking it’s easiest to just go ahead and spend the $1000 NT to buy a kinda crappy mp3 player.

aahz, if you need a player, I have an iPod shuffle 2GB that I got in December and stopped using after getting an iPhone arm band (for the gym) if you want.

It’s a silver one of these:

How about a few rounds of Belgian beers and we’ll call it good. :slight_smile:

Then you can give your player to TheLostSwede for a few round of beers, and all will be good. :slight_smile: