WCIF sex toy stores / sex shops / adult toys?

where in taipei is there a good “adult” store with a good selection of “toys?” i heard it is illegal to bring anything into taiwan from abroad…

Try snake alley or go outside Taipei. Sex toys can be had all over the place when in small towns. I swear that there is at least 5-6 shops near the place I live.

I don’t think any of them are “good”.

Try to find the stores with the amusing name in Chinese of 性趣 (xingqu)

There is one in Panchiao on Wenhua Road near the corner of Hansheng Road, on the right going towards Taipei.

There’s one in Tien Mu (Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec. 7).

Most of them sell vcd’s and decoders as well.

I remember one on Cheng-Teh road in Shilin between the Shilin and Chientan MRT stations. Or you can visit Mr. He for the best selections. :smiley:

Not that I have ever been inside but there is one along Linsen North Road, between Cashbox (Partyworld) / V-Mix KTV and Minsheng East Road, west side of Linsen North Road.

I don’t know, but looking at the stupendous selection of gorgeous fillies on the streets all around here, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever need to buy a toy or anything else to get them going or spice up their sex life.

I have bought two vibrators at different stores in Snake Alley and they burned out after a while. They were not cheap, so I don’t think price is a good indication of quality here. Try looking for some famous brands like Hitachi or Wahl when you buy vibrators, if you can find them.
Or if you’re buying something else, try to do the same thing.

Silly me, I was thinking just from a man’s point of view. Of course I can see why a girl might need a shop like that to turn to.

Did you ask the salesgirl for a product demonstration? Wasn’t there some kind of refund if you weren’t, so-to-speak, “satisfied”? :laughing:

BTW, they didn’t burn out while actually in use, did they? :shock:

Don’t worry…they were actually in use, but no real damage was done. I couldn’t actually remember which shops I had bought them from, so I just threw them away. I’ll be more careful next time.
I remembered the previous condoms thread but didn’t know how to find it.

[quote=“taiwan boy”]Try to find the stores with the amusing name in Chinese of 性趣 (xingqu)

There is one in Panchiao (Banqiao) on Wenhua Road near the corner of Hansheng Road, on the right going towards Taipei.[/quote]

There is one in Panchiao? There’s a billion of them in Panchiao. Not that that’s why I live out here or anything. There’s two on Wenhua Road on the right after you cross the Huazhang Bridge–one on the block before the Hong Kong bank, and the other right after, before the McDonalds, both conveniently by the Chiangtzutsui station. In fact, one of the world’s largest sex toy import and export companies is located right in Panchiao. And you thought those gardens were the only attraction.

Maybe this is why Chinese eggplant is more…ergonomically shaped than western eggplant??? :laughing:

Chinese Eggplant

Western Eggplant

Can someone explain how a man burns out a vibrator? I guess that a man’s only hole would have a greater resistance than a women’s favorite hole.

My dog likes being shaved in a particular place with Wahl because it is powerful using AC power; not batteries like other brands.

Or your dog :laughing:

Just a little more information than I needed there!

Your dog? Hmm… Is this anything like calling up a doctor and saying “Um, my friend has this problem…”


I have, ahem, a friend who is asking where one can find a sex shop in Taipei that is (a) not on line but real and (b) a bit closer to the centre and less revolting than Snake Alley.

Can anyone help my friend out?

The corner of Kwang Fu South Road and Keelung Road. It appears to be a lingery shop but they have all kinds of “toys”
And before anyone makes “funny” remarks, it’s right next to the entrance of the night market, I use to live in the area and that’s why I know.:slight_smile: