WCIF soy burgers or veggie burgers in Taipei?

I am looking for these, have you seen them around Taipei?
Soy burger
Veggie burger
[strike]Turkey bacon[/strike]

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Unless I’m mistaken, you can get all three at Costco in Neihu. If you don’t have a card, you should be able to go with a friend who has one.


Waooo!, I went to Costco Neihu just the other day and didn’t see them. Gotta go again. was it in the frozen section?

IF there are burgers of any form at Costco, they’ll be in the frozen section. I saw ground turkey patties there once, 3 years ago, for instance.

Perhaps I was a bit hasty in suggesting Costco if you haven’t seen turkey burgers in three years…?

I don’t normally look in that section, and don’t know whether they’ve carried turkey burgers (which aren’t what the OP wanted anyway) for the past three years. My point was merely that if there are soy or veggie burgers there, they are most likely in the frozen section.

OK, so I went back, looked thoroughly and no soy or veggie burgers or turkey bacon. They do have low sodium bacon, and rice burger I was surprised to see.
Any other places I can my soy or veggie burgers ?

You might be able to ask at KGB or Kooks and see if they’ll sell you some uncooked patties that they make. I’ve no idea if they’d do it though.

That’s a good idea, I could try that. Thanks.