WCIF Tea without Theine / Caffeine?

Where I can find tea (preferably Taiwan tea) without theine. It is to offer to someone that is very sensible to Caffeine.

Any advises of stores would be wonderful!


By “without caffeine”, do you mean decaffeinated black or green tea, or just any tea without caffeine (such as herbal tea)?

There are lots of herbal teas here. The Jason’s supermarket chain carries a high-end local brand called “Tea Boss” (or something like that). The main tea from this company (in the green boxes) is very nice. It’s also very expensive. I think they’re having 10 percent off this month, though.

Another tea-like beverage that doesn’t have caffeine is osmanthus (guìhuā) in honey or maiya. Take out a spoonful and dissolve it in hot water. But it’s not always a relaxing drink, because the maiya is so thick (esp. when the weather’s cold) that getting out a spoonful can be a real chore.

There’s yòuzi chá (pomelo tea), which is basically marmalade in hot water. But that’s more a Korean thing, though it’s popular here too.

cranky laowai, thanks for your answer, will have a look at Jason’s.Herbal Tea could be ok, but I rather find some decaffeinated tea.

Someone has saw them in Taiwan and which kind of tea : black, oolong or green?

Yes, in Jasons. These are fruit tea by Tetley.

anyone saw some decaffeined Taiwan style tea?

I got tetley’s decaf black tea bags in jason’s before, if that’s what you’re after.