WCIF that stretch of road near Suao with the massive cliff face by the ocean?

Heading back North today, and this is one of the stops we really wanna see. I don’t recall seeing it on the way down but i was talking nonstop so…


Do you mean Qingshui Cliff?

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That’s it!
Oh, you get a wet mouth kiss! :banana:

So, not so much near Su Ao either.

Ooh! No, not really close! Google maps sometimes gives you a weird pin on it, it’s here


This 10 minute diversion is more than worth the time. Beautiful view. Fisherman throw the fish right on the ground and people barter for them. Also, in town a couple convenience stores if needed.

Fenniaolin Fishing Harbor
270, Yilan County, Su’ao Township, 東澳里


Thanks. We drove past the stop…full of tourist buses. Found the old road and discoverd these workmen building a 100 year giant falling rock catcher to protect the train tracks. They told us to go back, and we did, and it is truly a world class view.

Hualien dog on thick furniture.

Chatting up the workman and the 78 year old architect professor, who offered us a lunch box and told us how pretty we were. ha!

Halloween at the view. They gave me candy!

The train tracks the workmen are working to protect for 100 years.