WCIF the law or regulation on X?

Taiwan makes most laws and regulations available online in English though amendments to the translations can take some time to become available. If you know the competent authority then a quick check of its website will usually reveal a laws and regulations section. For example, you have a question on alcohol labeling … the National Treasury Agency has responsibility for the administration of alcohol and the governing Act, regulations, and enforcement rules appear on the NTA’s site. You can also find - depending on the ministry, department, body, or agency - additional publications such as official directives or guidelines to assist businesses and individuals on particular issues or in specific areas. For example, the Fair Trade Commission or Consumer Protection Commission are active in providing additional published guidance to individuals and businesses.

Lawbank though maintains a bilingual database of most ROC laws and regulations (db.lawbank.com.tw/Eng/List.asp) including Taiwan’s Civil Code and most legislation that would be of interest to those living or doing business here (though not the Criminal Code).