WCIF To Kill A Mockingbird...the movie?

I’ve been searching every video store I can find in Taipei and I can’t find this movie. I’m using the book in one of my classes, and would like to use the movie at the end of the unit (in about 2 weeks), but I haven’t been able to find the movie (DVD or VHS) anywhere. I know Taipei American School has 2 copies, but they said they have been checked out until the end of May. Don’t know why someone would need the movies that long. Anyway, if anyone has any clue about where to track down this classic, Academy Award winning masterpiece in Taiwan I would be much appreciative. If anyone happens to own it, I would buy, rent, or, if you are gracious enough, borrow it from you (don’t worry, I swear on everything that is holy and sacred that I will return it and return it unharmed.)

Thank you, in advance.[/i]

I have it on DVD. Can leave it at Alleycat’s Lishui Jie for you to collect.

Want it back please as it’s one of my all time favs.

i got it at carrefour for 49NT. check the classic sections in video stores and hypermarkets. It’s often on sale here. Or you could find the chinese name and ask a few shops.

[quote=“Alleycat”]I have it on DVD. Can leave it at Alleycat’s Lishui Jie for you to collect.

Want it back please as it’s one of my all time favs.[/quote]

That’s very gracious of you, Alleycat. I would love to borrow your copy. Out of curiosity, what region code is your DVD? Let me know when you will have it in the store to pick up. Your restaurant is quite close to my school so I can swing by almost any night after work. Thank you for your help. PM me or email me with further information.

Hi JW,

I’ll leave it at Lishui Jie today. It plays on local DVD players, so you’ll be fine.



Thanks a million, Alleycat. I’ll swing by tomorrow night around about 6:45 to pick it up. I PMed you my contact info in case you need to get a hold of me for anything. Thanks again, I’ll be sure to take super special care of it.

Betcha Didn’t Know That:

The alleged reason that Harper Lee never wrote another book is that, according to plausible rumor, she got more than a little bit of help from a writer friend by the name of Truman Capote.

I don’t think that’s the reason. I mean, he could have helped her on plenty more books. Not like Truman published a lot after In Cold Blood anyway.

I never heard that rumor before but I find it interesting and will google it some day. I had wondered, but figured it was just cuz she was a dowdy, small town librarian or teacher or whatever, with fair but not outstanding abilities, who wrote one book that really worked and worked well, but was never able to pull it all together again. Doesn’t seem so unlikely. Must be a hell of a job to produce one great novel, or even just one novel; no reason why one should be able to repeat it.

Incidentally, I bought the movie a few years ago as part of a boxed set of various movies from CostCo. It is good, but it’s weird watching it cuz it’s so old. B&W, horse and wagons, etc.