WCIF Vessi shoes in Taiwan

I want to get Vessi shoes in Taiwan without waiting for them to be delivered from abroad.

I’d also like to try them on if possible.

Anybody know anywhere that stocks them?

Nice sneakers, but I sure would not be testing their Waterproof claims by walking along a wet slushy Taiwan street that has no sidewalk.

I’d get the black ones and hope for the best

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Costco had waterproof Reebok a while back. mot as classy as your vessi, but waterproof.

I want the Vessi for how comfy they are supposed to be mostly

Eh… try shopping on aliexpress. You will probably find these there. This looks like a dropshipping store. You would probably be paying a 200% markup if you bought it from them.

It’s not dropshipping, they are quite a big brand

US$135 for what looks like to be a regular shoe. Damn, that better massage your feet and make you tingly inside at the same time.

I’d be more concerned about the grip on Taipei’s stupidly slippery tiled sidewalks than the overall waterproofing…


Do oneboy have physical stores?

Wouldn’t mind trying these:


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I guess the main issue with physical stores would be the size of your feet. Are they geographically appropriate, or clown-sized?

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Geographically appropriate :rofl: