WCIF White Tea?

I always bring tea when I go back t visit dear old mum. She is the toast of the neighborhood since her eldest is a supplier of the finest in Green and Oolong teas.

But now the old birds are getting more health aware about their teas. They are asking for “white tea”.

I’ve done the internet searchbut can’t find a translation for the stuff so I can purchase it here.

Anyone have any clues?

In China, white tea used to be tea without the tea leaves. Popular in bad times.


Have you tried the translations on the site you linked to, such as Baihao Yinzhen? Or just “bai cha”?

Taiwanese company TenRen does a white tea, at least on its American site. I can’t read Chinese so I don’t know about the Taiwan site. Maybe you could look in big department stores for it.

Often “bai cha” just means boiled water, but I found this about white tea:

[quote]White tea,slightly fermented, is the specially processed tea only from China. it is produced in counties Zhenhe,Jianyang and Fuding of Fujian Province,Classified in reference to the genus of trees and the degrees of maturity of the leaves.

A friend of mine is looking for white tea. Does anybody know where to buy it in Taiwan? Thanks.

Hi, I’m looking for white tea, do you know of anywhere I can purchase such fantastic tea? I’m surprised because I expected to find it easily around these parts, but alas, with no luck.

city super in the basement of the green sogo (chunghsiao/fuhsing) has twinings white tea

No idea … I have some from China … expensive … but good … I’ll ask around …

That’s just bleached oolong. :laughing:

What is white tea?

When I was in China, white tea was a euphemism for plain old hot water.

‘White tea’ is the top, first two small leafs on the tea bush, picked in spring … so, there is very little to go around … the color of the tea is very pale yellowish, but it’s so fragrant … mine is packed in a small cigarette pack size box … and I’m very carefully not to drink all at once, I use it sparingly …

When you come over sometime ask me … you can have a taste :lick:

Normally tea is picked with three leafs, Taiwan has also the ‘spring’ tea … picked shortly after Chinese NY when the weather gets warmer, it can not rain (it can never rain when picking tea) … don’t remember if they pick two or three leaves tho … organic spring tea, link

[quote=“River Delights Corp.”]White Monkey green tea with very delicate but intense full green tea flavor. Wild species from Central Mountains in Taiwan. Grown at 2500 - 5000 feet above sea level.

White Monkey Paw is made from the top two leaves and the bud of late March to early April. The young leaves and unopened buds are carefully gathered and processed exclusively by hand. The result is a tea that appears intricately woven with large and beautiful white tips. The ‘hairy dawn’ among indicates that these leaves were plucked very early in the morning and within the first two weeks of the new season of growth. When we infuse these teas you will witness the delicate two leaves and a bud uncurl in your cup almost coming back to life. The dry leaf appearance of this tea is tending white and said to resemble a monkey paw. Even though this is a green tea, the visual appearance and cup liquor is so delicate that is can also be almost considered a white tea.

River Delights’ Wild White Monkey Paw Green Tea produces a very light cup that is noticeably sweet, and infused with a fresh, delicate scent. [/quote]

I always thought white tea was the same as milk tea. Must be an Aussie-only term, I guess.

I can’t find it anywhere, can you help?

Equivalent to white tea