WCIF wholesale accesories in Taipei?

I am in Taipei and I am looking for wholesale suppliers for accessories such as cheap earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I am also looking for wholesale toys, the kinds that we see everywhere in funbox stores.

I have already checked the wholesale shops near Taipei Main Station, close to exit Y13. I have found the accessories to be a bit pricy, even at wholesale. And I was not able to find any toy suppliers. I have arrived in Taipei only 2 months ago so I am not very well accustomed to the city.

Any help/advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you

have you tried wufenpu clothing market near houshanpi mrt station? they are wholesale retailers and may carry accessories.

For really cheap, you might probably have to get someone with a connection to Chinese factories. That’s how I got a whole bunch of carved stone from one of the wholesale shops behind main station. They had a direct Chinese connection. Their price undercut anything else I could find in Taipei, but they had to special order from their source in China. Talk to enough people, and make a big enough order, and it can happen. Behind the station is not export prices. It’s local wholesale prices.

There are several wholesalers that specialize in cheap toys and they have big warehouses in HsinZhuang, just outside Taipei. But again, those are local wholesale prices, not export prices. Their clients are local businesses. What you are looking for is the supplier that sells to those local wholesalers.

Also try the world trade center by 101. They have representative offices that source directly from their Chinese factories.

Frankly, foreign buyers don’t come here anymore. It’s not like 30 years ago.