WCIF Window Privacy Film

I have a window that gets good sunlight but looks directly into another building, so I want to cover it with something like this.
Anybody seen this around?

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Most home depot kind of places should have that. It is a plastic foil and can have various styles and decorations.
I covered windows on our balcony with one years ago and it still holds great.


We got some on Shopee last year.

Works well but it’s kinda hard to apply yourself well. The corners on ours have started to peal.

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I decided to stop in and check at 特力屋 on my way home from brunch and they did have quite a variety!
I got this one which looked like the one that provides the most privacy with no design:

It works exactly how I wanted. :partying_face:


I watched a YouTube video as I wanted to avoid small bubbles. The trick is to apply slightly soapy water on the glass. This enables you to move the foil around a bit and makes easier to push out the bubbles.
Two people makes it easier too.

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