WCIF Wine in the jug (2-3L) Sangria, etc.?

Where I can buy wine in the jag(2-3L) Sangria, Merlot, Cab., etc.?
It’s nice to have chilled with fresh fruits in the summer…

Won’t drinking wine in your Jag get you arrested?

Hes already there, he has no clue whether his jag is a 2 liter or a 3 liter !! :slight_smile:

edit: ok lets be nice, i suppose he means wine in a box?? I would think somebody sells those in TW? try carrefour? Costco? Any of the big shops? Supermarkets even?

Alright, alright this jug

not those funky british boxes on wheels

not at Costco, checked yesterday … not Carefour either

Iv seen those jugs of calif wine around TAipei . Try supermarkets? Does the formerly known as Taiwan Monopoly still have sales outlets? Try them?

Or google for the distributor??

Costco used to carry a line of boxed wines that were good for Sangria…No more?

Saw that black boxed stuff only a month ago at Costco in Neihu, but maybe they’ve sold out? Tried to get my friend to buy it so I could find out if it was drinkable, but I wasn’t willing to risk it myself. Sangria as a backup option would have been a good idea. OP could maybe ask at Costco, sometimes stuff can be oddly placed there.

Yes I asked stuff at Costco, no go. But I found at my Yilan Carefour, 1 Gallo Rossi (2L), some Californian wine (3L jug) and some chinese wine (3L) Non-varietal grape wine, even the option 2 cost only 339NT, still didn’t risked to buy it. I need to finish my other good wine bottles.

Calif wines are generally drinkable. Even the cheap ones are palatable in most cases. We get from 2 bucks/bottle up to near or over 120/bottle here for Calif wines. And i havent found one thats not drinkable yet, even the 2 buck chuck is palatable. Good for parties.

That is roughly equivalent to getting a 200nt bottle of wine at carrefour in quality.

no doubt more expensive in taiwan, but just dropped by our local Lucky’s supermarket and it was bout 10 bucks for a 5liter box of wine or 4liter glass jug (or jag as you call it :stuck_out_tongue: )

A couple of years ago, we had a wine evening with friends. The wine was very, very bad. Then, being the only English speaker in the room, I was given the job of really reading the label. We were drinking Sangria in bulk. Everything was alright after correct categorisation. I’ll check where they sourced it and get back to you.