We are done with Canada (Retirement update)

As per the title, we are done with Canada. I got the numbers for my pension cash out, and combined with our savings/ investments, we should be able to have enough to live on until old age ($25K+ US a year until 60, then $30K+ from 60-65, then $40K+ after that). As I have stated in other threads, we live a rather frugal lifestyle, and even here in Canada don’t spend that much.

The above amount is without working. We have no intention of not working, and would both like to work part time doing something.

The big issue is that Taiwan is not ready for us right now. Our plan right now is to chill and travel in Mexico from February to June or so, and then we will re-evaluate.

We have a few options in mind right now (all of which are after Mexico in June 2022):

  1. A trip to Europe for a few months
  2. Digital nomading around SE Asia: 3 months Thailand, 3 months Malaysia, 3 months Bali, 3 months Vietnam.(probably doing writing/editing )
  3. #1 followed by #2
  4. Taiwan after Mexico
  5. Taiwan after any of the above

We have some time to figure things out (and a house to sell). Our plan is to leave on January 31, which will come soon I am sure!!

Note: We are excited and really want to get out of this place!!


I’m old. The hell is this? Lol

Oh and congrats!

Working online while traveling on short term visas (3-6 months; under 183 days) in each location. For myself as a Canadian, I retain Canadian tax resident status, and do not become a tax resident of any other country. I pay taxes to Canada, as that is where my income goes for any online work that I do (my Canadian bank account). There are pros and cons to this, and we would likely stop after a year or two, and become residents in a country ( and as a result, likely no longer be Canadian tax residents).

Of course, all of this depends on Covid getting figured out by mid next year. If not, we have some other ideas …


Sure. It sounds like you have made your decision, which can be a wonderfully freeing evolution of thought. Good for you both!

It has been an interesting process for sure. Covid has been a big catalyst in this decision; living through three lockdowns of almost 2 years straight now, all while working a high stress, Covid exposed job, has been very, very difficult. My workplace has had three suicides and several other illness related deaths in one year; life is too short.

Needless to say, we are ready for something (and somewhere) new.


Atta boy.

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Given the way border controls in Asia are getting switched up on a dime (and also the way flights routinely get cancelled in this part of the world), I would not recommend the digital nomad plan in Asia right now. Maybe things will stabilize, but with current vaccination rates, it will take time.



Are you taking suggestions? @noel

Yeah, this the reason for other plans. Mexico and a few other Latin countries are pretty open and good for travel. Our departure date is a full six months from now (Feb 2022), and Asia wouldn’t be until July 2022; there is a bit of time yet. Hopefully, in a year or so, things will have normalized somewhat.

I am always open to new ideas. Right now we are only in the “sell/throw out everything” phase, so nothing is set in stone yet (except for the first several months in Mexico; that is a go).

That, and we have no inclination to stay in Canada.

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Oh! Canada!

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Serbia is rather cheap and fairly safe to hide out in without quarantine requirements while waiting for Taiwan’s grand opening.

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Serbia is awash in Chinese vaccines and influence from Beijing.

It would NOT be my top choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Funny enough, we have been watching videos on the Balkans; Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Romania (not sure if they all qualify as Balkan?), all look very cool. They were the last half (plus Turkey) of our “Europe” option above.

I’m not telling @Noel to get vaccinated there lmao.

BTW, Mexico has both Russian and Chinese vaccines

Infection rates are also low in Serbia.

And Serbia has Biontech vaccines too.

Turkey is another easy one to get into.

Congrats!! I’m not sure if you moved up your timeline or if so much time has passed since you first discussed your retirement, but either way, congrats!

  1. imo, Georgia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria are cheaper countries that allow stays of 90+ days without visa (for US, not sure but decent chance also for Canadians). I’d also look at Greece and Portugal.

  2. fyi for Thailand and Indonesia, US citizens only get 30 days visa free. Vietnam’s e-visa is also only for 30 days. Not impossible to get extensions or do visa runs though. Malaysia is struggling big time with covid, but one would hope that by next June they are safe and open again.

  3. Hope so! Except June/July in Taiwan is not a welcoming climate imo.

His digital nomad plan for Asia is to start after June 2022. Maybe things will still be dicey, but at least there’s a much better chance it can work

My wife and I are both double vaccinated. We would only need to worry about our son, who is 9, once it gets approved.

Vietnam, for one, during the crisis, have been severely strict with border controls. In one of the first waves I remember there were reports of hotels and other accommodation not honouring bookings, people were out on the street with their luggage. I wouldn’t want to be caught there during a wave.

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What’s the feeling on Bali?