We need a Spanish-language forum!

Can Foreign Children Legally Attend Public School Here? - [Can foreign children legally attend public school here?

Ah … I’ve found the magic search term … it’s not ‘parent’ ‘kid’ ‘baby’ ‘child’ or anything like that. It’s ‘braxtonhicks’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pregnant and X-ray [Pregnant and X-ray
Dummies, Babies, and Children… [Dummies, Babies, and Children
Playgroups [Playgroups
Hiring a nanny [Hiring a nanny
Joyedza (Zuo yue zi) [Joyedza (Zuo yue zi)
Re: Hiring a nanny cont. [Hiring a nanny
Why do Taiwanese have flat heads? [Why do Taiwanese have flat heads?
Baby Sex Charts [Baby Sex Charts
Montessori alternative to Taiwan public schools [Montessori alternative to Taiwan public schools
Who is raising your child? [Who is raising your child?
Are there Baby supply shops round Shi-Da area?Playpen [Are there Baby supply shops round Shida area?Playpen
WANTED: Toddler squeaky shoes [WANTED: Toddler squeaky shoes
Baby seats [Baby seats
American School Spring Fair forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?p=318969
Alternative Schools in Taipei [Alternative Schools in Taipei
Two boys born today. [Two boys born today

That’s 43 threads by my count.

And this is how new forums are born! You can tell your grandkids you were here when it all happened… :slight_smile:

I’ll try to put things together in the next day or so… :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help, guys! :notworthy: :bravo: :rainbow:

[quote=“michaelw”]I’m sorry but this thinking seem a bit circular. It assumes people will talk about a topic before there is a topic to talk about! This may work for a few related threads were a particular theme keeps cropping up but for more genuinely new ideas it is simply the kiss of death.

What’s so bad about starting a new thread and killing it off if it doesn’t take off?


Seems to me that a lot of people talked about this topic even without a dedicated forum. So now it warrants its own forum.

If you have a genuinely new idea then discuss it in the open forum. If the topic keeps cropping up then it too may find itself in a specially-built cage.

Doesn’t seem very circular to me.

What about a writers corner?

I am unanimous in my support for a cooking/food forum. :beer:

Cooking/food/drinks sounds nice.
Religion, to split such discussions off from the open forum and politics? That’s one of the few topics I couldn’t figure out where to put.

Just a thought.

I joined www.jref.com a Japanese expat site. They have an introduction forum. I got the following replies. Perhaps an introduction forum would help. It did make me feel better about venturing in there after I saw the nice replies today.

:slight_smile: Replies below:

  Welcome aboard, Ironman. It's great to have you with us, and hope you enjoy the interaction here. 

Welcome to JREF, ironman!!!

 Hello and welcome to the forum. Have fun here and enjoy your stay darling. 

I’d suggest renaming the tech forum “Science & Technology” (a very natural combo if you ask me).

[forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … 538#424538](The Mars Thread

I’d prefer just SCIENCE myself. You tech guys are geeks. :smiling_imp:

Just came across these two links, maybe worth checking out:

trading favors/services: favorville.com/

video blogging: youtube.com/

Skin care? A forum for vanity issues like skin and hair care since so many of us have whole new issues with it when we get here.

Maybe we could design a search link that brought up all the skincare related posts in the Health Forum instead. Then we could add that link to the forums recommended links section and to the Forumosa web blog.

What kind of search terms would you use for the vanity issues you have in mind? I can help on the link building end, but I need your input for the search part :slight_smile:

Naw. I did the search and all that and then decided it was just as good being all left in the H&F forum being that a healthy person is a pretty person anyways.

Actually, because after having linked like 8 billion topics for you I decided it was more effort than it is worth.

I was thinking skin, hair, weight, stuffs like that. But when I did the search, they all belonged in health and fitness.

This is kinda like the temp forum for misc/garbage threads, but a bit different.

What about having a new top level forum called “sandbox”. Every day one and only one thread is automatically created. Within this forum people can dump all kinds of links, jokes, thoughts, rants, observations, notes, etc. Set the rule to be each post can be no longer than 1 paragraph and contain not more than 3 links and no feedback.

An example would be a post i just made in arts/ent ~ deer on car prank video. I know this is a post that does not really require feedback, i just posted to share the link. (temp forum is probably better place to put it, but i think temp forum many people think it like the trash heap and not interesting(?).

Other blogs use an Open Forum to do this, but you already have a forum called Open and it is not really used for the same purpose.

It would be ideal if the thread is only one page even if there are many posts.

thats it. thanks forumosa.

How about a Lost and Found section? This was suggested today by Prince Roy, who appears to be AIT staff:

We could make it a sub-Forum of Where Can I Find…? or its own Forum if you like.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]How about a Lost and Found section? This was suggested today by Prince Roy, who appears to be AIT staff:

We could make it a sub-Forum of Where Can I Find…? or its own Forum if you like.[/quote]
We’re talking about creating a Lost and Found category at Taiwanted. This way, it will appear here in the forumsa AND be printed in every issue of Taiwanease, too :discodance:

I think we need a sub-forum of the temporary folder for all the interesting comments directed at Canadians.


HG wrote [quote]I think we need a sub-forum of the temporary folder for all the interesting comments directed at Canadians. [/quote]

Agreed. The Canadian posters should be resettled in the east… I mean the posts ought to be moved to their own sub-forum.
By the way, what happened to that thread about Canadians in Taiwan being monkey spankers?