We need a Spanish-language forum!

My first posts here were:

  1. How do I get a residence visa?
  2. Where do I fidn a speech terapist?
  3. A bit of mee too.

I got richard Hartzell to reply helpfully to the first, got hazed (and flamed the fools back) on the second, and nothing happened with the first ones.

I would have given up on this place if I got hazed every time I posted, or if I had a genuine question.

Perhaps a rewamped knowledge base is the way to go - the search function is a mess anyway.

The old oriented site had all that, and it was very valuable.

I was just wondering if anyone has brought up the idea of having an animals forum before? Would it be doable? All animal issues are scattered in different forums. Or maybe combine animal issues with the miscellaneous issues forum?

Or maybe an animals and the environment forum - those are two of the things that really hit you about this place and they’re related.

How about a forum dedicated to just computers and the Internet? If you look at the Technology in Taiwan forum it has just about already made the transition.

Is there something wrong with using “Technology” as a catch-all term for “computers and Internet” ?

I guess “technology” certainly does encompass computers and the Internet, but I think with my engineering background “technology” means so much more to me. But I don’t feel that strongly about this…just a suggestion.

I really don’t think there’s a need to split the Technology Forum inot one forum just for computers, and one for other technology (MP3 players, TVs etc). There’s about 50 forums already anyway.


I was just wondering if cooking wouldn’t be useful as a sperate forum topic. Something different from eating out - which is more about entertainment. For those who like to cook occasionally and need help finding ingredients or substitutes. Ideas about handling narrow kitchens and only two burners, etc.

I’ve seen plenty of cooking topics but they are scattered around.

Just a thought.


I think ths is worth considering. I’ve thought it would be neat to have a place to share recipes and stuff.

Really. :slight_smile:

I will also toss my hat into this ring.

:bravo: Cooking rocks! :bravo:

“Food and Cooking” could work as a forum. We have a lot of posts about where to find food items, but not that many on actual cooking.

P.S. Notice how I managed to avoid taking TC’s bait and didn’t mention the word “toss”.

Nor did you mention cooking rocks. Personally I prefer cooking fresh ingredients, but if rocks is what you want then let’s have a forum for it.

Wasn’t there an old (Irish?) story about a ‘soupstone’?

Great idea. I think a Cooking forum would be excellent.

Can I be the moderator, gee you think you put in these many years and they don’t give ya nothin for it.

What A BRILLANT IDEAL!! Cheers to the OP. :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

And like Okami, I hope that if this is made into a forum that I would also like to toss my hat into the ring for mod consideration…

Please do. I have a lot to share on this topic.

I toss my cookies into the ring. Er, umm…

Good idea nevertheless…but what would it consist of that would make it oriented toward people living in Taiwan? Taiwanese recipes for western palates? Recipes for things that can be gotten fairly reasonably in Taiwan? Cooking tips for humid weather? Where to find certain western ingredients for meals? Sticky for Forumosa pot luck dinners (I’m all for that!)? How can this idea be presented before the powers that be to convince them that we need this when we already have the topic covered to a degree through the Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs forum and the Where Can I Find/Miscellaneous forums as well as the hundreds of websites out there that have recipes already on them?

Just playing devil’s advocate here…

Some random stuff so I don’t just post a picture and some how break rules, even though I now may be breaking a rule by trying to be slick about getting around the rules, I better post something else.

Cooking Rocks! I know I’d be all up in a cooking forum. I’ve been meaning to learn.

‘Cooking rocks’ leaves me with quite a different image, but maybe that’s becuase I just finsihed reading ‘Porno’ (sequel to ‘Trainspotting’).


Well there seems to be some interest in the idea of a cooking forum. So what is the next step?