We need to go to our own country's representatives about discrimination

I think we need to skip Taiwanese authorities on this issue and go right to our own country representatives in Taiwan. They won’t listen to outsiders unless they have pressure. The only pressure they will respond to is other countries representatives say hey treat our guys fairly.

I’ve been in Taiwan just over a year. The systematic discrimination is getting tiresome. I can’t understand how some just accept it.


Many accept it because they can get their local wife to do everything for them so it doesn’t affect them. Others feel they get other privileges from living here so they only view it as a small annoyance since they will only be here for a year or so anyway.

Others who are not married to a local and here long term or those who like being an independent member of society are annoyed by this but can’t do anything other than complain and file administrative appeals that get denied. So we give up too eventually.


I wouldn’t hold out that much hope for country representative offices. Although probably Amcham has a fair degree of influence for historical reasons.

Well the only avenue for resolution is to use your country representative to help.

Gosh Taiwanese use that as a mean to apply pressure in the USA all the time. It’s time we start using their tactics against them and stop with the placid acceptance of the systematic discrimination.


How would you know. Have you tried.

I’ve actually thought it may be an effective tactic since Taiwan is always trying to get good press overseas. Although I haven’t done it yet since it is a ‘nuclear option’ , that’s for sure.


How is it a MAD option.

We have people from many nationalities here, they key would be to agree on a message. What is the point we want to get across? It can’t be about “systematic discrimination” or your rep office won’t dare to do anything about it.

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I mean more that it has the potential of changing overseas politicians positive views of Taiwan when they come looking for foreign support. Plus I think if it angers the wrong people, it could be dangerous. Anyway that’s my 2 cents

It’s not within their brief to get involved. shrug

They’re mostly just trade offices.

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As apposed to complicit acceptance of discrimination? I don’t get your argument.

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I’m not arguing. I’m pointing out that Joe Bloggs in the trade office is probably not authorized by his government to directly talk to the Taiwan authorities on this sort of issue.

Of course it could still be worth a try, some offices may have a means to get involved. But you need to understand these aren’t embassies or consular offices, their powers are extremely limited.

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As I said, we have people from multiple nationalities here (with official embassies) but the key is to get a message we all can agree on and won’t sound as heavy as “systematic discrimination”.


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“ECCT CEO Freddie Hoeglund (centre) & ECCT Better Living Committee Co-chair Tim Berge (3rd from right) were first in Taiwan to receive their permanent resident certificates (APRC) with the new ID number format. The ECCT’s better living committee has been advocating for a format changer in line with Taiwan ID numbers since 2010 in order to give foreign residents living in Taiwan better online access.”

So much for that, now follow up.

Bwahha what country representatives ?


to OP: Could you tell us representative of which country you went and how was their response?

This thread is about handling discrimination in Taiwan. If you think that that’s not important, less important than other discrimination, something that people should leave here if they want to complain about, etc., please find or start another thread. Thanks


If you encounter banking discrimination, here are the numbers you can call:


Did already. They did nothing.

Have you actually attempted to attain a credit card here?