Weather in Keelung

Hello everyone!

I finally moved to Taiwan last month, and I ended up going to Keelung. I knew that the weather would be hot, and thus I was originally hoping I’d get sent somewhere with high elevation in Nantou. But I do think Keelung is a nice city. However, the heat is a little too much for me. Every time I walk outside I sweat a lot (and this is coming from someone who has spent most of his life in the American South). Does the weather get better later in the year? I lived in Northeastern China for three years, where the winter is bad but the rest of the year is great, is Keelung similar but for summer instead?

Wait until winter. It’ll drizzle for 3 months. :joy:

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Fine with me.

So, your question has been answered. Enjoy Keelung, and the weather.

Yes of course. Temperature wise, it’s amazing between October to April. The humidity and dreary weather are always there though.

Keelung is better than most places in my opinion. Coming from a person that hates hot and enjoys rain.

Humid, sticky, polluted air is pretty much par for the low land course though.

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