Web access proxy server on Mac OS X?

So sometimes these public terminals in libraries don’t allow access to web mail.

I would still like to quickly check my yahoo mail.

So I can set up a proxy server on my ibook.

public terminal -> DHCP IP address of ibook -> yahoo mail

the thing is: the public terminal is pretty locked down, so I can’t change settings like proxy settings. So I need to be able just to use IE and go to an address hopefully over SSL (so the netnanny will not be able to see keywords).

So what do I need?

in terms of software on Mac OS X?

I can find proxy software, but I think I need something that will allow me to first authenticate and also access through web page

is there a content filter or are certain addresses or IPs blocked? Is it on the terminal or the entire network?

I am not sure if it is on the network or if there is software on the PC. I think though that it is Trend Micro on the network.

I don’t believe it is content filtering as you can get to gmail or any other web mail site, they just have yahoo mail blocked.

I wonder if you can still get to yahoo thru their IP. Maybe you can get to the IPs of other foreign yahoo sites?

Is your ibook able to get to yahoo? Seems they only filter the public terminals? If you can change the proxy, you could use a proxy. Or you could use SSH tunneling with multiple computers to get by content filtering if they did it.

Maybe there’s a way to use your ibook kinda like a proxy, by forwarding any port 80 requests to yahoo, maybe by writing your own software or modifying something out there, if nothing exists,

Would thiswork?


if the entire network is blocking yahoo mail. the only easy way is probably to configure the browser to use a proxy. Then you’d need some proxy or forwarding mechanism (like SSH) that forwards the request to another server (like at your home) thru encrpytion, and then back to you.

The entire network is not blocking yahoo.

Its only from the public terminals at the library.

If you bring you own laptop, then you can get to yahoo mail.

My guess is that they have blocked access to yahoo mail from the cabled public terminal network to prevent people from staying on those terminals for a long time using mail instead of doing research.

I just don’t want to bring my laptop with me all day just to be able to check my mail.

so I wanted to see if there was a proxy program I could run on my laptop so the request would go from the public library terminal (encrypted) to my laptop and then to the actual site.

is this making sense?

:slight_smile: I understood you from the beginning. If you can change the browser proxy settings, it’s easy. If you can’t, then find software that forwards all port 80 requests to yahoo.

Consider it a challenge. :slight_smile: Google is your friend.

and another way. An anonymous web proxy like


This one doesn’t seem to entirely work. You can read email; you can’t compose. There are other similar sites that will may work.

hey tocayo,

maybe you can set your ibook as the default router for the public terminal :wink: then you’ll need to run some NAT software on your
ibook to handle the traffic coming from the terminals

good luck!