Web Analytics for the sight-impaired

A friend of mind is completely blind and was recently hired as a web content manager for another website. I’ve been looking around for a web analytics program that she can use to monitor the website.

Google Analytics does not seem to be friendly for the sight-impaired, or maybe I’m not looking at the right place. Can you tell me how to set up GA for the blind? Or recommend another analytics program that she can use.

In GA, I am setting up email notifications in XML, CSV and PDF format so she can tell me if those work for her.

As a general tip for designing sites suitable for visually impaired people, you might want want to check out the Fangs plug-in for Firefox. It emulates a screen reader, Fangs, which some blind people use to navigate the web. If a given site doesn’t make sense to you when using the emulator, then it’s probably not blind-accessible. Google Analytics looks a bit incomprehensible to me using Fangs.

The exported files might be a better idea - particularly the xml/csv versions, as the untranslatable visual cruft is eliminated. Can’t help you with a more accessible analytics program though.