Web Development, Graphic Design and Translation Services

I’m a web developer, graphic designer and translator who is fluent with the most spoken languages in the world. Let me help you reach a wider audience. Get in touch!

I don’t design to decorate, but to communicate information in an more effective way. I develop accesible and cross-browser websites that are based on web standards.I translate information into English, Chinese and Spanish according the original message not only words.

About Me:

My name is Alex Chen. I’m a Oversea Chinese born in South America, and I’m currently studying Foreign Language and Literature in Taiwan. I’m fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, and experienced with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Illustrator, Phothoshop, and other tools that are fundamental to succeed in this globalized world.

請參觀我的作品/Please check my work: http://alexchen.zxq.net/

Just interpret ‘most spoken languages’ as ‘most commonly spoken languages.’ It’s not really that complicated. Weak English, yes, but no worse than many things I’ve seen native speakers write.